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Studio 58 Event Schedule

We gather our Studio 58 friends and family for different types of events.

Join us and our Studio 58 friends at these conventions and multi-day events:
* Naughty Gras (March) in Gettysburg
* Naughty Knowledge (August) in Gettysburg
* Our signature Naughty Noel (December) in Gettysburg
* Occasionally other events ranging from hotel parties to kinky weekends.

You can also socialize with us at monthly gatherings in Maryland:
* Monthly Sipping Socials in Hagerstown;
* Monthly Munches in Frederick;
* Monthly Play Parties in Baltimore from April to October

Upcoming Studio 58 Events

  • August 15 – 18, in Gettysburg PA. Naughty Knowledge will be a Back to School Fun Filled, high-energy, three-night party, with classes at a private hotel takeover.
  • October 18 – 20, Naughty in Nature 2024 Has been canceled for this year. Back at a later Date.
  • November Naughty Gras 2025 Rooms and Tickets go on sale. Presenter & Activity Host Applications, Volunteers Applications: Will Open in November 2024
  • December 5 – 8, in Gettysburg PA. Naughty Noel will be a class filled, high-energy three-night party at a private hotel takeover.
  • March 13 – 16 2025 in Gettysburg PA. Naughty Gras 2025 will be an enchanting, high-energy three-night party at a private hotel takeover.
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