What We Do

Studio 58 organizes special events and adult education for folks over 18 years of age to express themselves authentically and explore their sexuality and/or relationships without prejudice at safe, well-managed environments in Maryland and Pennsylvania. We do not operate a permanent venue at this time.

Studio 58 focuses on five pillars that drive us:

  • inclusion and diversity;
  • consent and negotiations;
  • safe interactions;
  • quality adult education and self-development;
  • building community with like-minded adults.

Studio 58 does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and proudly guarantees a judgment-free experience to ALL sexual orientations, no matter your gender identity/presentation, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status and or those with disabilities. Folks who self-identify within the LGBTQIA+ community are welcome in all activities.

Experienced Team

The folks at Studio 58 work as a team to exceed each of our attendees’ expectations. We have 10+ years of solid experience creating and hosting parties, classes, and conferences in the Mid-Atlantic regionst that help adults to learn more about themselves, their relationships, and their interactions with others.

In-Person Events

Due to public health concerns over COVID-19, we cancelled our in-person events between March 2020-2021. Our 2021-22 events have been created with event transparency; safety protocols; local laws & restrictions compliance; and expecting that our attendees will honor own personal risk profiles at the event. Carefully consider your personal risk tolerances and your household, workplace, and community interactions before attending these events.


We currently organize events in Maryland and Pennsylvania. We do not operate our own venue at this time.

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