Intensive Workshop #1 Ticket: Transformational Beauty for All


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One Ticket for Intensive Workshop #1: Transformational Beauty for All  (Thursday, November 30 from 1-5PM) during Naughty Noel 2023.

  • Each ticket is $10 per person.  Partners will need two tickets to attend the same workshop.
  • Workshops have limited seats available.
  • Each ticket is non-refundable. You may gift your ticket to another person, but Studio 58 will not refund or resell tickets after purchase.
  • ONLY registered attendees of Naughty Noel 2023 are eligible to purchase or attend these workshops.

Intensive Workshop #1: Transformational Beauty for All
Presenter: Mistress Schari
Format: Concentrated 4-Hour Workshop; Interactive
Day/Time/Room: Thursday (Nov 30), 1:30–5:30 PM; Pine Room, Host Hotel #1
Limited: 25 participants
Experience Level: Any
Required Supplies: Bring your own shoes (high heels), pantyhose, undergarments if you wish to learn proper fit. For make-up portion, bring your own make-up, a mirror if you have it, and your OWN makeup brushes, hairbrush, comb, wig. The presenter will have a few standing mirrors and supplies to demonstrate.

This beauty workshop is for ANYONE interested in celebrating femininity. It is primarily designed for crossdressers, gender benders, cis/trans women, and their partners, but anyone wishing to enhance their femininity is welcome.
There is so much more to being a woman than just looking like one. To embody a woman, one must radiate feminine behaviors, posture, nuances, and individual style. This comprehensive workshop will include:

  • How to walk & properly wear high heels, including sitting and posture.
  • How to find your individual style (clothes, wigs, colors).
  • How to do your make-up for everyday. Including helpful tips and how-tos. Some written materials on this subject will be given to each participant. This is for practical and sustainable make-up lessons, not stage make-up.
  • How to find and get fitted correctly for under-garments.
  • How to use proper table manners and etiquette.
  • Socializing and meeting peers with similar interests as you

Presenter Bio:  As part of both BDSM and swing communities for twenty years, Mistress Schari (She/Her; []( is an educator, lifestyle consultant, and participant. She hosts a monthly lifestyle radio show, “Mischief Matters Radio”, with her submissive catnip. Her exclusive Mischief Manor hosts monthly educational and social events. Mistress Schari’s insights stem from her community experiences as a Professional Domme, sub, sex-toy specialist, educator, and life coach. She enjoys providing a safe and comfortable environment for people of all genders and sexual orientations to explore their fantasies, build confidence, and enhance their relationships.

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