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ONE-DAY SUNDAY Registration ticket for Naughty Nude New Year 2023; December 31 ONLY; Private Hotel (released to registered attendees); Gettysburg, PA.

This Sunday-Only registration includes all activities scheduled between Sunday, December 31 at 3PM to Monday, January 1 at 11AM. Includes access to indoor pool, Atrium playspaces, our New Years Eve countdown party, and all activities during those hours. You will need to purchase additional registration days or upgrade to a regular registration ticket ($99) to attend earlier.

  • Tickets are per person. We do not offer gender pricing or price per couple.
  • Hotel room reservations are separate. Stay two nights at the host hotel, add additional nights (Thursday and/or Friday), or travel to/from your home.
  • Naughty Nude New Year 2023 is an alternative lifestyle pansexual kink/swinger/leather friendly event, open to all adults who are 18 years of age before first day of event and who agree to follow all event rules.
  • Studio 58 does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and offers a judgment-free experience to ALL people, no matter their sexual orientations, gender identity/presentation, race, cultural background, socioeconomic status and/or those with disabilities. All experience levels are welcome at this event from someone who is just beginning their journey to the experienced individuals.
  • We take consent matters very seriously. Violating a person’s consent will get you removed without refundĀ  and banned for future events. Although Studio 58 events are sexually charged, you will need to be respectful. Remember, if its not yours, DON’T TOUCH IT! This includes any person, property, or anything else.
  • Studio 58 will not tolerate anything prohibited by law.

The last day to transfer, cancel, or receive a refund for an event item is 11:58PM on Wednesday, November 29, 2023. All cancellations are subject to a $35 handling fee per-registrant cancellation and per-room cancellation. If you need to cancel after November 29, contact [email protected] so we can work with you on a case-by-case basis. Read all NNNY23 Registration and Hotel Reservation Policies here.

Registration Type

Single Sunday-Only Ticket for one person to attend Naughty Nude New Year (3PM on December 31, 2023-11AM on Monday, January 1, 2024; Private Hotel takeover (hotel name released to registered attendees); Gettysburg, PA.

What is Not Included?

You must purchase your hotel room reservation and any add-ons separately.

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