Intensive Workshop #2 Ticket: Bloodplay 101 & 102


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One Ticket for Intensive Workshop #2: Bloodplay 101 & 102 (Friday, December 1 from 9AM-1PM) during Naughty Noel 2023.

  • Each ticket is $10 per person.  Partners will need two tickets to attend the same workshop.
  • Workshops have limited seats available.
  • Each ticket is non-refundable. You may gift your ticket to another person, but Studio 58 will not refund or resell tickets after purchase.
  • ONLY registered attendees of Naughty Noel 2023 are eligible to purchase or attend these workshops.

Intensive Workshop #2: Bloodplay 101 & 102

Presenters: Jewels and The Coffin Girl

Format: Concentrated 4-Hour Workshop; Interactive

Day/ Time / Room: Friday, 9AM–1PM; Noel C; Host Hotel #2

Limited Attendance: 25 Participants A partner is not necessary, but solo attendees may need to team up during the hands-on portion.

Target Audience: Any kinksters who are new to bloodplay or folks who want a refresher 

Required Equipment: Presenters will bring 25 simple kits for the hands-on portion that are provided as part of your ticket.

  • Part 1: Pathogens, barriers, disinfectants and antiseptics. Jewels and TCG discuss risk awareness and mitigation procedures in bloodplay. Among the topics discussed are common infection hazards and their viability periods, personal protective equipment, CDC/WHO guidelines on accidents, antiseptic procedure, hazardous waste disposal, glove use, etc.
  • Part 2: Practical application and hands-on. We discuss technique, safer piercing sites, and decorative/creative needles and medical staplers. Also discuss how needles can be made meaner (yes! Even the little ones!) Discussion of scalpels and scarification can be included if participants are interested. This portion includes the opportunity to practice with a partner and open discussion on experiences, questions, better practices, etc.

Presenter Bios: Jewels (She/Her) and The Coffin Girl (She/Her) have explored kink together longer than separately. They are dedicated community activists, kink educators, and debauchery devotees. Jewels has been a huge proponent for education and safe and ethical play for more than ten years. She has served as a house top/demo top for multiple groups and events including Fallout, Indecent Enterprises, Risque, and Start Here Hampton Roads. She enjoys working with people just testing out the kink waters to those craving serious pain. Her favorite kink interests are sharps, electricity and various forms of impact. The Coffin Girl is a DOD-certified victim advocate, activist, local educator and group leader. Her kink interests are on the bottom side of Big Ass Sharps, cigars, bootblacking, service, degradation, and any number of other messes she can get herself into.

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