Intensive Workshop #4 Ticket: Introduction to Rope


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One Ticket for Intensive Workshop #4: Introduction to Rope (Friday, December 1 from 1-5PM) during Naughty Noel 2023.

  • Each ticket is $10 per person.  Partners will need two tickets to attend the same workshop.
  • Workshops have limited seats available.
  • Each ticket is non-refundable. You may gift your ticket to another person, but Studio 58 will not refund or resell tickets after purchase.
  • ONLY registered attendees of Naughty Noel 2023 are eligible to purchase or attend these workshops.

Intensive Workshop #4: Introduction to Rope
Presenter: Pixiegurly and ClosedEyesSeeing
Format: Concentrated 4-Hour Workshop; Interactive
Day/Time/Room: Friday (December 1), 1–5PM; Noel B, Host Hotel #2
Limited: 25 participants. A partner is not necessary; self-tiers are welcome! You’ll likely get MORE from this workshop’s practical stuff if you have someone you can tie with but it isn’t necessary.
Experience Level: Appropriate for kinksters who want to seriously pursue rope bondage including background info (aka you will not learn a bunch of different patterns/ties in this class-that’s what the websites are for! ). Designed for newcomers to rope and to kink.
Required Supplies: Participants must bring 1-2 hanks of 15-30 foot rope  and safety shears for cutting.

This is a foundational-level class. We will not be teaching patterns like you can find on websites, we will be teaching the concepts skillful rope folks will need, and much of the background info that gets missed in pattern-based classes/websites. Content will Include:

  • brief background on rope,
  • different styles of rope play,
  • different materials of rope for bondage,
  • basic safety information,
  • what are bottoming skills anyway, and
  • nuances related to tension, placement, and control of the rope.

Presenter Bios: ClosedEyesSeeing (He/Him) and Pixiegurly (She/Her) have been active rope enthusiasts since they took their first intro to rope class in 2015. Shortly later, they discovered their mutual love of water bondage. In 2017 they co-started the [*Fredericksburg Rope Bite*][] which they continue to run today. Their combined style is best described as ‘sensually stupid’ and they rarely take anything (besides safety) too seriously. When not doing kinky things they both enjoy books, board games, horror, and bad puns. “Hi curious about rope, we’re dad!”

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