$125 Gift Certificate for Studio 58 Registrations


We created this option for our friends and supporters who wish to pay now for your future Studio 58 event registrations. Each $125 gift certificate can be redeemed for your choice of:

  • ONE full event registration to our 4-day Naughty Noel Weekend in 2021 or 2022 + ONE Naughty Noel custom t-shirt (Value: $125+)  =OR=
  • TWO event registrations to a 1-2 day Hotel Takeover Party in 2021 or 2022 + ONE custom t-shirt to that event (Value: $125+).

FINE PRINT: We will mail your physical gift certificate to you now, and you can redeem the unique electronic code when you register for your future event. You will have up to two years to redeem these gift certificates. Any unredeemed value expires after Naughty Noel 2022 in December 2022. We will honor these gift certificates towards full registration value for future Studio 58 events even if any registration fees increase as a thank you for your support. You may purchase more than one gift certificate. You may gift your gift certificate to another person, but that gift cannot be reversed once they accept/redeem it. These gift certificates cover event registration fees only and cannot be redeemed towards hotel lodging, taxes or fees, or other event services or products.



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