Studio 58 organizes special events and adult education designed to allow anyone over 18 years of age to express themselves authentically and explore their sexuality and/or relationships without prejudice at safe, well-managed environments in Maryland, DC, and Pennsylvania.

We focus on five pillars that drive everything that Studio 58 does:

  • inclusion and diversity;
  • consent and negotiations;
  • safe, interactive play;
  • quality adult education and self-development;
  • building community with like-minded adults.

What's New

New! Supporters Circle

You can help Studio 58 weather a year of no events or income due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Our newest program offers customized Studio 58 merchandise or gift certificates at good value for you and also as a way to support Studio 58's ongoing expenses.

New! 2020 Event Updates

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our in-person events for consenting adults are on hold until we can safely, sanely, and ethically host again. We are holding social and educational activities online. Our typical 2020-21 events include monthly munches; classes and intensive workshops; parties; hotel takeovers; and our signature Naughty Noel Weekend.